Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm a Snob

Not my dining room...wish it were!

Oh how I love my blinds…well, some of them.

On four of our windows, we have those wonderful cloth horizontal blinds. You know, the ones that filter that morning light into your room in such a way that makes you feel like you are being gently kissed by the sun…not poked with piercing rays that cause you to roll back over and bury your head under your pillow. Really, I do love those blinds…..

On the other windows, we have the plain ol’ blinds that have to be dusted all the time. And in our house, the slats are always wonky where someone has bent them during a brawl.

I didn’t mean to become a "blind" snob but I have…and now no other blinds will do….sigh….I need therapy…

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1 comment:

Retta said...

Okay, my light is not being gently filtered! I want this gently filtered light that you speak of!