Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cool Gifts for Kids

Kids love to see their name in print!

We used to have a little backpack with Isabelle’s name on the flap. I decided not to use it though because I didn’t want to give strangers an opportunity to call her by name making her think that they knew her….which in turn would make her feel comfortable enough to go over to them. I know, maybe my imagination was running wild but you just never know in this ol’ world!

I think a better alternative are books in which your child’s name has been added to the story. We are always keeping our eyes open for books with Belle’s name…they are always more fun to read and they make her feel so special! At Identity Direct, you can get just these kinds of books. Not only do they carry books, but they also have a line of place mats, clocks, toys and more!

What a neat way to make your child feel special!! Cool!

***This is a sponsored post.***
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