Friday, July 27, 2007

Murdered 'Possum

Good morning, folks! We've got a HUGE storm rolling in so I wanted to make sure I jumped on here real quick to tell this tale of murder!

Milo, my sweet little beastie dog, has murdered/eviscerated a baby 'possum....a wee little 'possum. We were calling him in for the night when we heard a strange flapping sound. Ususally, Milo comes running but not this we became concerned that the flapping around was a beastie eating our beastie! Just as we are discussing this, Jake starts to head into a mini meltdown.

Using one of those little red laser lights, because we have no flashlight, Pete was able to determine that Milo was the beastie that was doing the eating. Was it a rabbit, bird...what? Jake melted down more when he realized that Milo could be eating something that was rabid. So now we had a murder in the back yard and a melt down in the house.

Oh I got to hurry...they are saying that the storm is almost here....

Pete tried to grab Milo to take him in but Milo wasn't gonna leave his catch. He was left outside to finish his feast...there was no way we could have gotten that 'possum from him without being he played with it...and we gagged.

Eventually he was ready to come in. Jake picked him up and dropped him onto the ground.....I sat at the computer with my feet on the desk...screaming...Pete sat on the couch telling us that Milo DID NOT have 'possum guts all over him! I know he didn't because Pete had done what he always does when something has gone awry...he had poured bleach on the victim! I'll have to write another post about Pete and his bottle of bleach...

This morning, Pete and I were talking about the murder. I know that beasties eat other beasties but it has been hard for me imagine my little beastie doing that. So, because I usually let my stupidity hang out in the mornings, I asked Pete "do dogs really eat raw meat like that?". Not missing a beat, he replies, "Yes, Jenny. Dogs have not discovered fire yet!" What would I do if I didn't have my dh to makes things clear! lol!

Pete and I went out just a bit ago to check things out. I know...we're gross like that! Anyway, this little wee 'possum was on his tummy with his little front and hind legs stretched out behind him...awwwwww....really, it was sad. I know 'possums are u-g-l-y but this was just a little thing so there was some cute there.

Pete found his heart, kidneys, liver and some of the intestines right at the back deck. In all honesty, that was quite interesting. Everything was pretty much intact and we could really tell what was what! Cool!!

That dog is gonna have to get a good bath before he lays on my couch!! Sheesh!

Sorry, no picutres....
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Sassy said...

Jenny, I'm sorry but that's funny. My critters have caught so much and brought it back. They have brought back deer remains that hunters decide they don't want. Cricket has been really good so far about things like that. However a few weeks back I thought someone had been scalped because there was hair all over the yard. Cricket has brought a horse mane back from when my niece trimmed her horses. Scared me to death. LOL