Thursday, July 26, 2007

Freeze It...Froze It! Yes It Did!!

Ok, remember when I was complaining about how much my knees were aching a few weeks ago? Well, they are much better now but I really wish I had known about this wonderful pain relief gel I tried yesterday!

The left knee was fine….right knee, not doing so well so I decided to try out these sample packs of Freeze It I had received. So I opened up the package and squeezed out this green gel. I applied it to my knee and instantly felt a cool sensation…kinda like a peppermint patty had been smooshed on my knee! Let me tell you though, go easy on this stuff because it works very well!

I went ahead and put some of this Freeze It on my other knee just because it felt so good! It also smells really husband and I jokingly dabbed a bit behind behind our ears and yes, it does work behind the ear! Pete then read that this smell we liked so much was a “mentholated vanishing scent”…what!? You mean it vanishes!? Lol!! In all honesty, the fact that it vanishes is a great thing…who wants to be out and about smelling all mentholated? Not me!

Anyway, this is good stuff and I’m certainly going to buy a tube…or maybe the roll-on…to keep in our medicine cabinet. The price is affordable and the product works well…that equals a good deal! Neat!!

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Sonya said...

I need to try this! My knees sound so gross when I'm walking down stairs. They make squishy cartilage sounding noises! Gross!

Sassy said...

Jenny I posted about this on my other site and we love it. I'm going to get some when I can.