Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Mom is Sad....

Earlier today, my sweet little mom was driving back from running an errand. She was having a nice little drive around town and then she came upon something that just completely shocked her and she drove back to work in tears.

When she got there, she went in and told Dad (they have a drapery shop together) what she had come across.....her grandmother's old "home place" with a huge hole in it! Apparently, the land had been sold to a developer and the house was being demolished and the hole was where the wrecking ball had done it's job!

This house was a very old house and probably should have been listed with the historical society. Mom told me a lot about the people, my ancestors, who lived there. One was a TN state senator in the 1800's. It's just really sad, whether it's my family or not, to see such wonderful homes being demolished. I wonder if it could have been moved?

Mom decided to go back over with her camera and take some pictures. While there, she was questioned by the contractor and developer..I mean really, I'm sure they were wondering who this lady was running around taking pictures! lol!! In between sobs, she told them about the significance of the house...I know that she was trying not to cry but it just overcame her...I know because I'm the same way! The developer said that he couldn't save the house and that she shouldn't go any closer to the house.

I asked if she was able to get a brick, plank, something. She said she didn't think about it at the time. I hope this evening that they will go back over and get something. I hope too that they do it in a stealthy way because I really don't have the extra money to bail them out of jail!

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Anonymous said...

Aww...that is sad!

Sonya said...

So sad! Heritage doesn't seem to be very important to many people anymore. I hope your parents do get something from the old house. I'll bail them out of jail even if I have to sell biscuits to get the money!