Friday, July 27, 2007

More Vacation Homes....

Ok, folks. If I can’t live in North Myrtle Beach then I’m going to head up the coast to the Beaufort area and look at some more nc waterfront property.

I think this house would be perfect for us. It is plenty big enough for all of us so we won’t have to leave any of the kids behind!

Living in this house will take me farther away from my favorite place to eat crab legs but I think I can manage. I’m sure there are quite a few restaurants in the area that serve crab legs that are just as tasty!

This is also a nice little house…I love the color! If we were to buy this one though, we’d have to leave several kids behind and that would make me a tad bit sad! Maybe this could be mine and Pete’s retirement home….what do you think Pete??

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