Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hey Sonya! I dedicate this post to your kilt-wearing husband! I really do prefer the plaid/tartans but these utilikilts are pretty neat too. I really wish the guy at the end of the feed would have worn a different shirt though!

Hmmmm...I like!!

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Sonya said...

Jeff actually has one of these. He has a tan one and wears it quite often. It's very comfortable and he loves it. He also has two other sportskilts. You should look those up. They look like traditional kilts (plaid) but are made with everyday wear material. My hubby has great legs so I'm all for his kilt wearing!

Kymberlyn said...

I saw a gentleman at the zoo wearing a kilt. To be honest I was a bit taken a back. I expect most kilt wearers to also be wearing a fez and driving a miniture car- at least around here.