Monday, July 2, 2007

Seven Things About Me...

I have been tagged by EJ Cooksey from Homeschooling in the Ozarks. EJ also has a blog over at Make Money Online the Quick and Easy Way!

This is the meme in which we tell 7 things about ourselves and then we tag 7 others….so here goes!

  • I once almost let a baby opossum in the house because I thought it was a poor little kitty…I didn’t have my glasses on ok?!
  • I love to wear clogs.
  • I can pass and check placement of an ng tube
  • I have a hard time eating meat…especially anything on a bone…like chicken…ack!
  • I love socks…the fun novelty socks make me happy!
  • I have a dream of joining a Roller Derby Team…the only thing holding me back is a name….
  • I am an organ donor. You should be too! Got questions about organ donation…just ask!

Now, I tag the following people!

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1 comment:

Sassy said...

Thanks for the tag Jenny, I will get this done sometime today (hopefully) :)