Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday--Wedding Edition

Pete and I were married on September 11th, 1993. My mom and dad worked very hard to make it a lovely day for us. We were surrounded by lots of friends and family...it was a wonderful evening...even if I did put Pete's wedding ring on his right hand rather than his left! lol!!

We spent our honeymoon at Panama City Beach which was a blast. Here's a post I wrote last year....

September 2006:

Even though to most people, September 11th is a day that is remembered because of the extreme tragic events that took place in 2001, this day conjures up different memories for me! You see, this is the day that I married my love, Pete. I wanted to post some wedding pictures but I didn't get them scanned in...so instead I thought I would take you (YOU--Pete! Because only 3 people really read this blog! lol!!) on a virtual honeymoon...making stops at some of the places we went on our real honeymoon!!

Our first stop in Crossville, TN or maybe it was Cookeville...not sure because it is dark!. We are eating the little ham sandwiches that Mollie Hill made for the reception...you know the ones....little rolls with swiss cheese and ham...so yummy. I probably ate most of them because they are one of my favorite things!

photo courtesy of The Honey Baked Ham Co. Show 653

you can get the recipe here too!

The next day, we're on our way to Panama City Beach!

photo courtesy of hcs.harvard.edu

Of course we stop at many fast food restaurants along the way...our car has "Just Did It!" shoe-polished on the front window...how embarassing!! We finally arrive in Panama City Beach where there is...well...no one around! We have come after the busy season is over...we think this is good. Now we just need to head on over to the Days Inn to check in. After checking in we go shopping...because I don't have a bathing suit! I pick a cute little multi-colored floral print one-piece and we purchase it and are on our way. We find out soon that there are very few restaurants open...since the summer season is over. Choosing the bright colored restaurant is a good choice..we will be eating there several times! The tables are on a deck overlooking the beach and the plates are bright fiesta ware...just wonderful and romantic. I think that it may be Salty's Beach Bar...

photo courtesy Panamacitybeachfanatic

Beautiful and bright Fiestaware...

photo courtesy HappyHeidi

The next day we head out to visit Zoo World but before we go we have to stop off in the lobby and have our picture made with Willard Scott....the cardboard version that is!!

photo courtesy Tuft E-news

Now...we can head off to the zoo.

When we get there we see lots of exotic animals. Our favorite is the capybara...he is so ugly that we can't help but love him. He is also the biggest rodent in the world!! Impressive...we take a picture of him that we'll leave on our fridge for several years...

photo courtesy Curragh's Wildlife Park

After we stop to take my picture with the peacock walking around,

photo courtesy Cullagh Wildlife Park

we head over to feed the camels and the giraffe.

photo courtesy Declan McCullagh Photography

This zoo is wonderful but we get thirsty...we order drinks but there are no straws. Why? Because straws could be dropped and the animals could get ahold of them and choke...and d.i.e. Not good. The drinks are good though and they quench our thirst!

That evening we go to THE restaurant...yep, the one with the deck on the beach and the fiestaware plates. Again dinner is great and it's still very romantic. I think I have a virgin banana daiquiri...maybe.

One day we take the cruise to Shell Island. I plan on gathering a ton of shells to bring home to Elizabethton. I hope to find some sand dollars too. A lady on the boat explains to me exactly how to find sand dollars...you have to go out into the water and wiggle your toes around and then you'll find them. I have a net so I can scoop up shells ...you know the big ones...but all I seem to catch are crabs. I yell back to the shore that I have crabs! LOL!! I yell at you (you Pete..because remember there are only 3 people who read this blog!) to come out and get my net...but you just laugh at me and take my picture...humpfff. I don't find many shells that day but we both get the tops of our feet completely burnt. On the way back to the hotel we stop at one of those wonderful Souvenir Shops and buy ourselves some flip flops..ahhhhhh....a little bit of relief!!

We spend the rest of our vacation in the pool,

photo courtesy Days Inn

walking on the beach, ????????, eating at THE Resaturant and having a great time. Toward the end of our honeymoon we decide to drive up the coast where we'll meet our friends Randy and his wife(who I can't remember the name of at all) and we'll go to the casinos in Biloxi, MS. (All I could find were post-Katrina photos) When we meet up with them, we'll buy THEM ice cream...now what's the deal with that??? They should buy US the ice cream...geezzz...cheapskates!! Later we go to several casinos where I discover that I can eat my weight in naked shrimp and that drinks are free forever. It's also confirmed that I probably should never set foot in a casino again since I have an addiction to the slot machine...that one-armed bandit! We also find out that you are not supposed to take pictures in a casino..ooops!

The next day we'll head back home. The drive will be long...but we'll sing and talk and just be happy to be together!!

Pete....I know that I have left some things out that I'm sure you remember. You're memory is so much better than mine. Ever since "the accident" you know my memory is not so good! lol!! What I do know is that I love you very much and that I am so blessed to have you as my husband. These past 13 years have been a wonderful adventure...with the birth of five children, my very own home, and all our kooky and funny memories!! I can't even imagine doing any of these things with anyone but you...you make them all perfect!! Here's to many more years!! I love you!!


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Anonymous said...

Aww....look at you two! Swanky! You guys got married on my mom's birthday. :) Many more happy years to you!

Nancy Brown said...

What a wonderful day! I loved reading it. happy wedding day to you!

Anonymous said...

I love time travel Tuesday!!
Don't ever stop with the pics, I love them
Crazy Tanya

Oldqueen44 said...

That is a great picture of the two of you.

annie said...

What a fun honeymoon & cute pic!

KC said...

what a fun travel though time this was. You look so pretty in your wedding dress and your honeymoon sounds like a blast. Thanks for sharing.