Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Furniture Wish List

Now that I’m getting my house de-cluttered and looking less like a drug dealers house, I have started looking at furniture! I have found several different furniture stores online and I’ll have to say that the selection is much better than what I can find here locally.

One site I have been to several times is Furniture From Home. I have several areas I am considering furniture for: the living room, the bedroom and the home office area.

I really like this set as far as living room furniture goes. It’s a very dark brown but I think it would work. My living room is bright and I think I could use some really fun and jazzy throw pillows on this couch.

I want an office area for school stuff and I would like for it to be in the living room. I love this desk and all the shelving that goes with it…I would have to cover my books with fabric though! I can see brightly covered books. There are several other pieces of home office furniture that I like also...this is my favorite though!

Next, I want new bedroom furniture. Obviously , I’m really into the darker woods right now…and the more modern lines. Isn’t it funny how our tastes change over time? If we get anything though, it needs to be furniture for the boys’ bedroom…it’s really sad in there!!

Now, Furniture From Homes has a lot more pieces of furniture than what I’ve shown you. I really like all the photos that are given for each piece. It helps to be able to see the furniture in a setting but also it’s nice to see just the furniture by itself. Other than the beautiful furniture, I think it’s great that this company offers free nationwide shipping. I mean really, I have always had to pay a nice chunk of money to have something delivered from across town so free shipping sounds great to me!

I’ve already picked out my dining set…but I need a large dining room…which I don’t have yet….

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Judi said...

This lady I used to work with just got new living room furniture for her new house and I swear I think it looks just like this stuff!

tegdirb92 said...

what great choices. I think our house is ready for a redo! Take care.