Thursday, July 5, 2007

DeJa Vu

Pete and I just finished watching a great movie called Déjà vu…well, let’s say I just finished because Pete fell asleep! Not because the movie was so horribly boring but because he was tired..really!

Anyway…back to the movie…Sonya had watched this movie awhile back and since I copy everything she does, I decided we need to rent it too. The movie stars Denzel Washington and Val Kilmer and it is very action packed. I usually talk all the way through movies (I know, that’s bad but I just have to ask questions! Lol) unless they are movies like this one….and then I’m silent because I’m hanging on the edge of my seat! Lol!!

Here’s the trailer….

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Sonya said...

Now you need to rent Miss Potter and Breach. Those are two that I watched recently and they are really good. If you've never seen Pride&Prejudice, go rent it and watch it. Now, get over to my site and see that I tagged you!