Sunday, September 2, 2007

Binoculars for Astronomy

We are having a great time studying astronomy this year. We’ve watched a meteor shower, missed an eclipse and have put together some really nifty science notebooks!

There are several things I wish we had that I think would make our studies much better….a telescope and binoculars. We used to have a telescope but we misplaced a bunch of the lens and the tripod was broken. The binocular we have is not very good.

I’ve been reading about steiner binoculars and I would love to have their astronomy binoculars! These are some really nifty binoculars and really, they could be used for bird watching too. Don’t you think I need these for school??? I do!

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Leann I Am said...

My husband was eligible for some prizes through his work. One of the options was a set of binoculars. My 4YO jumped on those things! That was all she wanted. Though they are not Steiner, they are supposed to be pretty good! They should be here sometime this week and she's so excited!