Saturday, September 22, 2007

ISBN Numbers

Have you ever jotted down the ISBN number on a book that you needed...or just wanted? I've done this a gazillion times so I could shop around for the best price.

Well, if you are ever at the Harvard Coop Bookstore remember to be very discreet when writing down the ISBNs because apparently they feel that those numbers belong to them...intellectual property rights. Crimson Reading feels that these numbers are in the public domain...I agree!

Crimson Reading is a site where you can go and plug in your ISBNs and do some comparison shopping to find the best deal. Have you all purchased text books lately?? They are like a gazillion bucks each...we just bought around $600 of books for just this one semester! Fortunately, Pete was reimbursed for these books, but there are students who have to pay the full amount out of pocket. Comparison shopping for these folks is a must.

Sheesh-a-moley....I think this whole ISBN thing is nuts! I know that the Coop wants to make money but people have been buying used textbooks for ages and that's just the way it is...period.

by the way...this is not a sponsored post...I was just a little dumb-founded that there were issues with people writing down these numbers...

photo source: Book Emporium

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