Saturday, September 22, 2007

Noah the New Hearted

I came across this Parody Motivator Generator and I just know that it's going to be trouble for me...I easily become distracted with fun things like these! This is supposed to be a "parody" tool but I misused it and made something sweet...the next one I'll do something warped!lol!

This first one I did is of of the little guys we've been praying for over at Gus' Gang. He was just a wee little fellow when he received his heart transplant. How cool is that?! A family somewhere out there, made a beautiful choice to donate their baby's organs so that this little sweet pea would have a new chance at life. I'm thankful they made that decision...

I guess you'll have to click on it to read it...

You can read all about Noah over at his blog...Noah's Adventure

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Crysm said...

Oh my... What a beautiful baby!!
*wink wink*

Much Love,
~Crystal aka Noah's Mommy