Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Are You A Sports Trivia Buff?

OK….calling all you sports junkies out there! There is a website I found out about today that is just for YOU!! No longer do you have to wade through all the questions about science/nature, literature, etc just to get to a sports question…you now have a site dedicated solely to you, the sports trivia buff!

TriviaFix is a site where people who are really into sports trivia can go and answer trivia questions and even submit their own questions. You can submit text questions or even audio and video questions. Even neater, you can gather other members and form your own sports trivia teams that can compete with each other. Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey are the sports areas in which you can compete and submit questions.

So what do you get for doing all of this?? Well, if the sheer joy of knowing the answers to a bunch of sports trivia is not enough , you also are gathering points which can help you win the monthly prizes!! You get points not only for answering trivia questions correctly, but also for submitting the questions.

Have fun with this…and sorry if I have increased your addiction to sports trivia by posting about this site….I just thought you needed to know! Lol!


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Anonymous said...

Interesting website, I like the concept but I couldn't actually get a game to play. I think its competitor is a much better free sports trivia website.