Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Inmates Eat Better?

I'm taking a deep breath here...breathe in--breathe out--breathe in--breathe out. Not sure if I'm ok yet but I'm going on...this video I found over at Slate V just about makes me want to squish a head. Inmates eat well...should they eat well?? I think they should have food...not the best of the best but not slop either....but to hear that they eat better than our school children?? Is this true?? How completely nuts is that??

If it's true, that's another reason to add to my pro-homeschooling list! Sheesh!!


Sonya said...

So, a murderer gets to sit in prison, watch tv, get an education, exercise, have their own "things" in their cell, and eat gourmet food? What is wrong with this picture????

Jo said...

That royally pisses me off!