Sunday, September 16, 2007

Furniture...We Need a Desk!

If you’ve been reading here long at all you know that Pete and I are looking at furniture for several different areas of our home. This week we’ve been looking at desks. Pete wants to ditch our computer armoire…and I do too since it’s basically falling apart…and get a corner desk. You know, one of those desks that you shove into the corner of the room…literally in the corner. Now, these desks are fine but I’m concerned that there will not be enough room to work and believe me, I need my space! Lol!!

We’ve been looking around town, going to auctions (where we actually made some pretty awesome purchases but I’ll post about that a different day!), looking in catalogs and looking at discount furniture stores online. Honestly, I have been really amazed at the pricing at these online stores. Not only are the prices really inexpensive, but the shipping is unbelievable. If it’s not free then it’s very inexpensive.

I swear, I think it’s easier and less expensive to shop online than it is to shop here locally….can that be??

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