Friday, September 21, 2007


What’s your favorite commercial right now? I usually can think of one, but I’m drawing a complete blank…really, I can’t think of a single one that just cracks me up! So where are all the good commercials?? I think they are in the minds of people like us who create all these kooky videos to place on our blogs or websites!

Now, instead of just letting all those cool “commercials” hang out on our blogs, we need to head on over to Black Turtle Media and upload them. Really, because Black Turtle Media wants your work!!! And did I mention that Black Turtle Media is hosting a contest where the winner receives $5000?! Right now, they are wanting video commercials about the iPhone, Halo 3 or Decision 2008. I have an iPhone “commercial” that I was never able to upload where I wanted to so I think I’ll head over and upload it for the contest!

If you are not interested in creating your own “commercials” still visit Black Turtle Media so you can vote on the videos that are being submitted. I’ve watched several and they really are funny….some are just so-so and then there are some that are just sad! Lol!! Nonetheless, it’s fun to watch and then vote!

Neat! I can’t wait to see who wins!!

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