Monday, September 24, 2007

Arthur's Chicken Pox

Arthur endures chicken pox with the help of his family...well, with the help of most of this family! That good ol' monster, sibling rivalry, rears it's head several times. This book opened up discussion about jealousy and how we should act when someone is sick. I give this book a thumbs up...anytime a discussion is brought about by a book, that's a great thing!

Belle's Review:
Arthur's Chicken Pox by Marc Brown

Funny part: when DW picks the pink marker instead of the red marker...everyone knows that chicken pox are red not pink!

Gross part: Arthur should not be in the tub with everyone in there with him...they may see his privates. (What?? This is coming from my child who sits on the edge of the tub when I'm trying to have my "Calgon Moment"??!)

What was learned: Don't scratch chicken pox. DW lied because she wanted to be treated the same way as Arthur...she should not lie...

Fun book!


Momma said...

Belle is funny. We love Arthur here too. :)

Anonymous said...
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