Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fixing Dinner at the RMH

Pete, Jake and I are going to our local Ronald McDonald House Monday to fix dinner for the guests. We're going to be there with a group of nursing students. We've been wanting to get involved with the RMH locally since driving to volunteer at the Knoxville RMH is not really an option...we would love to help out in Knoxville since we stayed there a total of nine months. I don't know though...helping out here locally will be much easier both physically and emotionally. The last time we were at the Knoxville house it was hard...I cried. It was so strange being back there...I remember feeling so hopeful when we were staying if we were going to get the transplant call any minute. It was very odd to be there and not have that feeling. it's not fun when your child dies. Hopefully, God will bring us in contact with families who we can's nice to meet people who have experienced some of the same things. Pete and I both know what communal living is like and we both know the fear you feel when your child has to have surgery....I'm going to try to be brave! I'll post an update later tomorrow evening when we get home....

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Carrie said...

Yeah Jenny! I had hoped to get involved with providing meals at the Knoxville RMH this year, but it didn't happen and I guess it won't now. Hopefully I can find one in Charleston to volunteer at. Mom still visits the ladies at the one here, but it is very hard for her. It literally becomes your home when you are there for so long. I hope you all have a good experience.