Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Free Matchmaking! WooHooo!!

How much do you pay for online dating services??

I have no idea what a good price is for these services since I really don’t need them…I’m happily married! I’m thinking though, that I wouldn’t want to pay much for the service….so what would be a fair price? How about FREE?!

Yep…that’s exactly what is offering right now....a free online dating service! You can upload a photo and all your information with no strings attached. There is also a private chat area and a photo gallery…I assume these are standard features at all the online dating services…but this one is FREE! Lol!! You can Click here to go to to find out all the details…and who knows, maybe you’ll find the love of your life! But please….only go if you’re single…stay away if you’re married…sheesh…really, I mean it!~

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