Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Touring the Castles

Pete’s at work this evening and it seems like that’s when I blog about traveling…so, not to disappoint all of you, I think we’ll do some Arm Chair Traveling!

I’m thinking about castles this evening. I would love to visit some of the magnificent castles around the world. We don’t really have many castles here in our area…well, I take that back. There is Biltmore just over the mountain and it is lovely….but I want to visit the big honkin’ castles!

First stop will be in Prague where I’ll visit several castles. The Konopiste and Karlstejn castles are said to be two of the most wonderful castles in the area so I certainly wouldn’t want to miss those. Of course, I’d want to secure maybe several nights accommodations at one of the Prague hotels in the area. Pete and I would find a wonderful little restaurant for dinner and then the next day we’d head to tour the castles. Apparently, Konopiste was used during hunting season…I can’t imagine having several castles for several different activities! Amazing!

After we spend time in Prague, Pete and I will head on to London where I will finally get to tour Hampton Court where King Henry VIII and Cardinal Woolsey lived. And then there is the Leeds Castle which is said to be the most beautiful castle ever. I need to see first hand though…don’t you think? We would need several days in London too because there’s more than just those two castles. In fact, I’ve heard there’s great shopping and then what about the London Eye?? I’m sure there are a gazillion London hotels to pick but I think I would like one near one of the castles…or maybe the shopping area…hmmm….decisions, decisions…

Ok, so I’ve spent quite a bit of Pete’s hard earned money, but there is one other castle I’d like to see and it’s in Dublin. Pete will be all about picking one of the Dublin hotels near a brewery and that’s perfectly fine…I’m sure it won’t be hard to find one! Lol!! After, checking out the local pub scene, we’ll get ready for a day of sight seeing at the Dublin Castle…let me explain that better…after a good night’s rest we’ll head off to tour the castle. I kind of made that sound like we’d be pubbing in the bright and early morn! Lol!

And that’s just a few castles, folks! Really, I can’t even imagine living in the Medieval period and living in one of those castles…well, it would be nice to have someone fix your hair, dress you, fix your food, etc. My luck though, I’d be the one doing all the “fixin’”! lol!!

I’d love to hear about any of the castles that you have toured!

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