Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well, Finally!!

Have I ever mentioned that I love online video tutorials?? I bought several books when I was trying to teach myself how to crochet, but it wasn’t until I found some online video tutorials that I finally figured it all out! Obviously, this way of learning is a thumbs up for me!!

So, I guess you can figure out that I was pretty happy to find this site today that is an instructional guide for sports. This is great since I really, really have no idea what is going on in many sports…isn’t that nuts? My friend Sonya would be shocked to find this out about me! Lol!

Now, I can learn the rules and history of different sports and then…..I can watch the videos to perfect my non-existent techniques!! Well, at least I could help my kiddos with the different techniques…that would probably be safer for all those involved! Really, all joking aside, this site is going to be a ton of help to me. I know it’s geared toward children in sports but I really do think all the info will help me be a better “soccer mom” and a better wife….’cause then I will understand a football game for once!

If you, like me, are lacking in the sports knowledge area, then you’ll certainly want to visit this site! Neat!

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Leann I Am said...

I'm a soccer mom AND a cheer mom and I don't really understand soccer or football at all! My husband was the captain of his high school football team and voted 'most athletic' for all the sports he played.

I should look into something like that for my husband's sake! Thanks for the recommendation!