Saturday, September 15, 2007

Populate Russia!

OK...if I were in Russia, I would do this...I mean, come could win a fridge!! WoooHooo!! But then I'm not thinking about the ozone layer and all the other chaos that would occur if I were to bring yet another child onto this might just never know...

Just in case your not picking up on my sarcasm here, my husband and I have a "quiverful mindset" and are striving for at least a "baker's dozen" children. Really...I'm not joking! We would love to adopt medically fragile children or even terminally ill children and care for them. Of course, having children biologically is still being pursued! And if, in the process of doing all this, I make the world explode...please accept my apologies! (that last part was sarcasm!)

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Leann I Am said...

I'm pretty much happy with three. Well, maybe not really HAPPY so much as AFRAID TO HAVE MORE since each one is meaner than the last!

I've always wanted to be a foster parent, but my husband said he couldn't handle getting attached to a child and having to let them go. I just want to make their stay as pleasant as I could and give them a glimpse of a normal life. I grew up next door to a foster home and have seen it ALL.

In the meantime, my youngest could make the world explode all by herself!