Monday, September 17, 2007

I Hate to Wait!

I hate being caught in traffic…really, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Earlier today, we were caught waiting for a train to pass. All I could think about was how much gas I was wasting sitting there waiting…and waiting. The guy beside me turned his car off…I guess I could have done the same but I’d rather complain! But then there is the TrafficGauge option.

I really could have used this today…a traffic report would have been nice. I would have been able to avoid the stinkin’ train and all would have been well!

TrafficGauge device offers real-time traffic anytime, anywhere with the TrafficGauge handheld, TrafficGauge for Cell, TrafficGauge for PC, TrafficGauge for Widget Suite and TrafficGauge for iPhone. Each product or service offers simple to use and easy to read traffic maps. These maps are the best in the industry. The device is an award winning, customer-loving favorite for navigating traffic in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. The cell phone and PC/Mac software is free and works in most major metropolitan markets.

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