Monday, September 17, 2007

Mad Click Monday

Don't forget to visit Mad Click Monday over at Life With Heathens! Be sure to join in the fun...I've discovered some of the neatest things by playing along!! I will have to warn you may find yourself on a wild surf that lasts for hours so be sure you've set aside a chunk of time to do all your Mad Clickin'....lots of fun!!


Karen said...


Just clickin by for my "normal" daily visit and my MCM:-) Hope you're having a great day!!!

Suzanne Says... said...

Just makin' my MCM rounds. You're right about the fact that you need to set aside a chunk of time for it - but it's so cool the things you come across, so it's well worth fitting it in!

I entered your giveaway contest for the Hope Lyda book - I hope I win! I hope I win! LOL