Saturday, September 22, 2007

NaNoWriMo Get Ready E-mail

Cool Beans! I just got my "get ready" email for this year's NaNoWriMo challenge! I am so excited I can't stand it!! I would love to know who's participating...we can cheer each other on. Last year I had several crazy days and there was a nice gal in Greeneville who cheered me on...I think we both finished our novels. I bet her's was alot better than mine. I tell people that I have a rough, rough, rough draft of a novel!

One of my post NaNoWriMo goals is to take a break and then jump into editing and such. I'm not really sure how to do that but I'll learn....I never thought I would ever write a 50,457 word novel either but I did!!

I would also like a laptop before November so I could escape to Starbuck's and do some writing...I would feel so writerish if I could do that....hint, hint...birthday just around the corner...

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Misty Dawn said...

I'm considering doing this... I had friends who did it last year. I just don't really understand it all, but I like the idea of it... I'll probably talk myself out of it though and chicken out LOL