Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sonic Peach Smoothie...Ack!

Pete treated me to a Sonic Peach Smoothie last night. I had been wanting one because I had seen the commercial like a gazillion times...obviously the Sonic commercials are quite effective on people like me. Anywhoo...I was sooooo disappointed in the size and the taste. It was small and it tasted like an armpit...yes, you heard me right and no, I've never actually tasted an armpit but if I ever do, I'm sure it will taste like this smoothie...ack! Sonic...what happened??? Your Strawberry Cream Slushes are so yummy but this Armpit Smoothie has got to go and soon! Ack!!

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Allison said...

I had a strawberry slush the other night from Sonic and in the bottom was little chunks of Butterfinger from my husband's butterfinger blast.... now, try that for disgusting! Strawberry Butterfinger. Yes, I called and complained! UGH!