Saturday, September 22, 2007

Free Networking

I have two dear friends who are gearing up to launch their own home-based businesses. I’m very excited for both of them and not only because I get to be the guinea pig and “test” the products! I think it’s wonderful that these two gals are jumping in and creating these businesses…they are going to learn a lot, make some money and just have a bunch of fun!

One of the things they may want to do is some business networking . Of course, I’ll do all the “word of mouse” advertising I can do but it still would probably be a good idea to do some other networking too!

At, my friends can sign up for a free membership which will give them a business profile, free advertising and classifieds, and of course, free networking! With over 65,000 members, I bet my friends are going to be able to make some connections.

If you have a small business or if you are like my friends and just launching your business, you might want to check out Since the membership is free, you might as well give it a try.

Just a hint because these gals are not “open for business” yet but one is making lotions, scrubs and such and the other is designing blog templates….you’ll be hearing more from me when I’m given the go-ahead!!

Cool Beans!!

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