Monday, September 17, 2007

RMH No Go!

Well....we went to our local Ronald McDonald House to cook dinner. When we got there we were told that our group wasn't cooking until next Monday...sigh. What a complete bummer on several different levels...1) we were really ready to talk with some of the families. 2) now we have to figure out if we're dealing with a group of people who are terribly disorganized since they didn't call us to say that our dinner had been moved to next Monday and 3) my hair looked good today and no one got to see it! lol!! It's a rare day that my hair looks half-way decent so this is a big deal, folks! lol!!

We're scheduled for next Monday...for sure because one of the RMH workers confirmed it for us. Pete and I decided to fill out volunteer forms....maybe I'll head over one day and clean the kitchen in the house. It's always much more fun to clean at someone else's house....especially at Ronald's! What if he shows up??? How exciting! lol!! Well, actually, if he were to show up, I'd leave....he kinda freaks me out!

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