Saturday, September 29, 2007

Used Car Love!

I (Pete) have always loved cars, from my first hot wheel, matchbox cars through all the cars I’ve owned. I am the guy who watches the late night used car lot “shows” were they are all goofy and drive the cars by, one at a time, just to look at the used cars. This love affair with cars has caused me to buy a lot of cars over cars and used cars.

There is nothing like a new car smell, but for a car lover, Used Cars are the way to go. I spend hours looking at the online auctions looking for that gem of a used car. It’s the odd and rare ones that most appeal to me, but I also appreciate the engineering and mechanics of a great sports car or luxury sedan.

The search for the perfect used car is where I think the fun begins. I always look for ways to search for my objects of obsession. I came across Autoguide has made the search easy. You can search by zip code, model, make, price etc… they also offer Kelly blue book prices and auto check ( reveals a cars history) so you won’t get burned.

Check it out and keep on rolling!


MDSandB said...

I'm passionate about used cars too. However i like to play safe when i buy them.I trust
to protect them before i take it down the lane. I've had great experience with them in terms of their unbiased suggestions and willingness ot offer free quotes to compare different insurance service providers.

Erwin Calverley said...

You really must have good observation skills, since buying used cars takes more knowledge on the mechanical department and a really good eye for details. One should be able to spot telltale signs of how the car was used by the previous owner, including clues on the history of damages, and possible odometer tampering.

Erwin Calverley

Brittanie Holderness said...

I think you have the spirit of a treasure hunter, and this is especially evident with the way you proclaimed your love for used cars. I agree with Erwin that you must have a good eye for such a feat. It is usually not worth repairing rust that has perforated the bottom of doors and the bodywork around the front and rear screen rubbers. These may only be repaired expensively by specialists and subsequent painting is costly, but I think you already know that. ;)

Brittanie Holderness

Tyra Shortino said...

I agree with Brittanie that you might have a treasure hunter in you, and that is a great thing. ; ) It’s great to see a girl so passionate about machines, and with used cars no less. It goes without saying that it is necessary to check out the mileage of the car. An average of 12,000 miles per year is considered the norm. If the car has 110,000 miles or more, stand clear.

Tyra Shortino