Friday, September 21, 2007

Creeeepy...but Cool!

I was reading through my college alumni mag I received in the mail today and I found this article about Steven James' novel The Pawn. Apparently, it was released at the beginning of this month...that means I can probably head out this evening and pick it up! WoooHooo!!

I used to scrapbook with Steven's wife eons ago...when I was just starting to scrapbook. I knew that her husband wrote things but I don't think I ever realized that her husband was a writer! In all honestly, I was really surprised when I visited his website (which is so neat!) and he has written like a gazillion things!! Neat, neat, neat....and I just can't wait to get my hands on The Pawn!

Be sure to visit Steven's site....there are tons of resources for bible memorization, games for teens, writing ideas and much, much more! I think I'll be using some of there ideas in school this year...really neat!

I'm glad I didn't toss that alum magazine like I usually do! lol!!

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Sonya said...

My genius hubby did all of the programming for Steven's site. I know, my hubby's the man! Whatever his name is! LOL!