Friday, September 21, 2007

Gilgamesh the King

As we've been studying Ancient History, we've come across some really interesting stories and books. Gilgamesh the King retold and illustrated by Ludmila Zeman is one of those books! This is the first book in the trilogy of Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh was a god-king who was a fierce ruler over his people. His people prayed to their gods for relief from Gilgamesh....and in comes Enkidu, a crazy wild man who lived out in the wilderness. Gilgamesh sent a lovely young woman out into the wilderness to lure Enkidu back to the palace. Enkidu does come to the palace and ends up saving Gilgamesh's life....they become friends and Gilgamesh discovers humanity!

Of course, this is only one version of the epic tale, but I think it's perfect for the younger folk. The illustrations are wonderful...except there's something about the eyes that kind of creep me out...but that's just me! lol! This book was fun to read and was enjoyed by all....there are two other books that we need to read too! You can't leave a trilogy unfinished! Never, ever do that!! lol!!

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