Thursday, September 27, 2007

Alpaca Yarn

I've been buying my yarn for my projects down out our local Walmart and then sometimes our Michael's store. All these yarns are fine but I have really been wanting to use some of the better quality yarns. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any of these yarns locally.

Well, earlier today, I came across Alpaca Direct, an online store where I can purchase alpaca yarn starting at $4.99!! And it gets better, folks...shipping is FREE on orders of $50 or more! This site also sells knitting patterns and accessories. You can also use their yarn estimator to figure out how much yarn to order for a project...that's always handy and can save you some money. I always just guesstimate when I buy yarn...sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. It's probably better to just use something like this yarn estimator...right? lol!

Anyway...looks like a neat store so be sure to give them a visit!

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