Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Traveling to Hawaii

I feel like doing some traveling tonight! Of course, this evening I’ll be armchair travelling but as I am doing so, I’ll be gathering ideas about places to go when Pete finishes school. He has no idea the plans I’ve been making! Lol!

I’ve been hearing a lot about ecotourism on the news lately. This is tourism that is nature and culture based and strives to preserve nature instead of destroying it. I think the news story I heard about was and eco tour to swim with the sharks…uh, no thanks! I think I’ll stick to something a little less..well….scary!

In Hawaii, you can really see how ecotourism is a good thing…not only for tourists but for the people and the land of Hawaii itself. It’s important that hotels and rental properties take care in creating places that are eco friendly so that the land will stay in good shape and the travelers will enjoy the surroundings. One place where you can find lovely accommodations is in Oahu. Oahu vacation rentals come in all different shapes and sizes! I was looking at a rental for five people but then I came across a rental for two people…hmmm….maybe a romantic getaway instead of a family fun trip??

Of course, there are a bazillion…well, let’s just say “a lot” of Maui condos that are also available for rent. You can rent a condo right on the beach or even in the downtown area. My pick would definelty be on the beach where I could sit on my deck…relax….and take in all the beautiful views like these….

It’s no wonder that this part of the world is so popular! It’s all very breath-taking…I’m ready to go now! I’ll wait for Pete though and while I’m waiting, I’ll just keep surfing the web for Hawaiian vacation information and gathering ideas for eco-tours and restaurants….and shopping areas! Fun!

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