Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Story of Wali Dad

Another story we read today was The Story of Wali Dad retold and illustrated by Kristina Rodanas. This is a story about a grasscutter who saves up enough money to buy himself a special treat. He goes to the market and discovers a beautiful bracelet with a pearl set-in. He purchases the bracelet but then soon realizes that the bracelet is far to beautiful for him to keep so he asks a friend to take it to someone who would be able to enjoy it. This act of kindness and generosity sets off a windfall of “paying back” with each return gift being bigger and better…yet harder to deal with! In the end, all works out well…

This story was originally found in Andrew Lang’s Brown Fairy Book and has been retold quite a few times. Here are some sites where you can read the story:

Myth Folklore


Whootie Owl’s Stories to Grow By

Aaron Shepard has put together a list of words and how to pronounce them

My Quick Thoughts:

Nice book and a fun story to read. The illustrations are wonderful with lots of color and detail. The story reminded me of the “ripple effect” when you do one small thing and the act of kindness…or evil…reaches out and touches others…you know, the “ripple effect”! lol!! I am eager to read the original story in Andrew Lang’s Brown Fairy Book. This was a good book that I would certainly recommend!

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