Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Elf Cosmetics

Right now at E.L.F., you can get a Girlawhirl 2 Go Travel Set for FREE when you make a purchase of $25 or more!! Now's the time to stock up for Christmas presents or for stocking stuffers. All the make-up at this place is $1 and I've heard it's far better than Wet n' Wild! lol!! E.L.F. also sells make up bags and other gifts...I really would like to get a utility bag for my pocketbook...neat!

Use the coupon code WHIRL at checkout....and hurry, this deal ends on September 30th!


Holly said...

Hey Jenny,
Only you could be the anonymous poster on my blog...i'm still working on that meek and quiet spirit..RIGHT! I have registered to go on October 2nd...are you going? i need your phone #. lost it again...and please tell me about that posting thing you do...

Retta said...

I love ELF makeup :) Their $1 lip gloss is just as good as that $8 lip gloss that other people sell! And for $1 I can afford to have more than one color -woohoo-