Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our Dirtbag Contractor

This is NOT our Dirtbag Contractor! lol! This is one of the guys that can help our Dirtbag Contractor!

I recently wrote a post about home improvements and I had mentioned that Pete and I had not done much in that area. Well, I completely forgot about the whole construction fiasco we experienced last year. I guess I’ve done a good job of burying all the crapola in my mind! Lol!!

Anyway…we hired a nice fellow to add two gables to the front of our house, repair a small place in our chimney and replace our back deck. Everything was going well until….he disappeared. Yep…into thin air, he’s gone. Come to find out the guy has a horrible drinking problem and he’s done this before. So, why do contractors do this kind of stuff…is the job that stressful, really? We were very nice to him….we weren’t picky….even were planning on having a cookout one day to feed him and his guys. In all honesty, we really liked him…

I think now he’s in trouble with several other people and businesses. He probably needs several Criminal & DUI Law Specialists to help him with all the lawsuits that have probably been brought against him. I think that’s really sad…he really seemed to be a neat person. Oh well….live and learn, I guess…

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