Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Espresso Furniture

I am really drawn to the dark brown furniture, aka espresso furniture. Do you think it’s because I can see autumn right around the corner??

You’ve seen this Bedroom Furniture before…yes, I’m still stuck on it! I love the platform bed and of course the color. I can see many different colored quilts, blankets, throws and pillows. I think this would be a great bed that could be changed with the seasons. So, I need it, right!?

I have always loved the flat screen entertainment center that has doors you can close over the tv. And really, owning one of these Entertainment Centers would be so helpful for me because if the tv were covered up, I would probably get more done! Besides, it’s that dark furniture I love so much. So, I need it, right?!

And this Dining Room Furniture…love it! Right now we have an antique table and it makes me nervous to use it. In fact, I’ve put the chairs up into the attic because I’m afraid we’ll break them. If we had a larger table and more chairs then we would be able to have people over for dinner. Did you notice the color? So, I need it, right?!

Now, my birthday is just around the corner and any of these would make a lovely gift! I know you may be thinking that it would be a huge gift for a birthday but I so obviously need these!! LoL!!
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