Saturday, September 1, 2007

Black Friday,,,,Not Me!

Ahhhh, Black Friday! The last time I got into the whole Black Friday shopping chaos was over 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Isabelle. For some reason, I had caved to the begging of my friend, Christy, and had found myself at Toys R Us at 4:30 in the morning! That’s when I go to bed NOT when I wake up….and I was pregnant, sheesh!

AnywhoTRU gave us pop tarts which helped us gear up for the wild ride that was gonna take place inside the store. And chaos it was…in fact, a lady stole my buggy! Can you believe that?? Yep, I guess she felt she just had to have that CandyLand Game…that’s all I had in there! And no, she didn’t accidentally take my buggy by accident, I heard her discussing it with her friend. And no, I had not left my buggy unattended because the buggy was beside me and I was looking at the other board games. Honestly, I just don’t see how it could have been a mistake. I watched her take off with my buggy and I didn’t say a thing…I just stood there in shock. I then realized I was in the WRONG place! Lol!! No toy or game is worth all this craziness….

I only picked up a few things that day…after awhile I was concerned for my unborn child. With all the carts and toys and stuff flying around, I decided to sit down and stay out of the way! Lol!!

Now, with that all being said, I DO like to save money on Christmas gifts…who doesn’t? So this year I’m going to use Black to find all of the black friday ads and to make my purchases. See, by using this site, I will be able to see the black Friday ads early, receive discount codes and be able to purchase items online instead of getting out into all that mess.

Now, I know that some of you really like to get out and go shopping on Black Friday and that’s fine….but you can buy your items online and THEN go out and watch everyone else act all crazy! Lol!!
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