Saturday, July 7, 2007

Weekend Reflection

It's been busy around here this week!

We started out the week trying to find out where the smell of satan was coming, Sonya, it was not the biscuit behind the tv! Actually, it was a wet towel that one of the kids didn't hang up after using!

Pete spent a good portion of the first half of the week studying for finals and preparing for a presentation. He did well on both the test and group project! Way to go Pete!!

Monday was a "blue" day for me...not so bad though. God, as always, brought me peace!

On Tuesday, I received my wonderful FREE canvas! I love it! You can see the before and afters here.

Of course, on Wednesday, we tried to attend the 4th of July parade but it was so stinkin' hot that we left. Unfortunately, we didn't get home in time to see Nathan's Annual Hot Dot Eating Contest...sigh...good news though, the US took back the Coveted Mustard Yellow Belt thanks to Mr. Chestnut's awesome hot dog eating skills!

We watched several movies this week....DeJa Vu being my favorite. It was nice to slow down and just watch some tv. I crocheted and got 10 granny squares done for the Share a Square Project. I also worked on my ripple ghan.

Yesterday, I gutted both the den and the den bathroom. I am pleased with my progress though I had hoped to gut my whole house...really, that was too big of a goal but that's what I do!

Today, I am continuing to gut...I'm working in the kitchen and hall bathroom today. If I have time, I'm going to start on my bedroom. When I was purging yesterday, I got rid of two bags of stuff and I've got a box of books ready to go to our local used bookstore.

Good times...folks...good times! Let's hope next week will be as productive.....

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Judi said...

Sounds like a good week little missy. By the way, are those granny squares hard to do?

I am glad you figured out "the smell".

Pete is rocking in this nursing stuff isn't he?