Monday, July 9, 2007

Summer Reading Program

We've missed a month...I can't believe I forgot about this...Yowsie!

The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program is already under way but there's still time to participate. We have until September 2nd. You can stop by your local B&N or you can get the brochure at their website.

I'll have to say that our B&N treats us homeschoolers like we are gold! Several times a year, they host an educators day and we are fed wonderful treats and given a ton of goodies! We are also given the book packs (last time I got 12 books!) just like the ones they give public schools to put into their libraries. Now that's really nice...

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Kymberlyn said...

That's awesome! Thanks for letting us know.

Sonya said...

When is that educator's day thingy? I wanna go. Will you take me?