Monday, July 2, 2007

She Took A Vitamin...

OK...Belle just came home to tell me that she had eaten a vitamin at her friend’s house and that her friend told her not to tell me! What!! Gee whiz what is going on in my neighborhood?! Lol!! No, seriously, I don’t like the whole feel of this…obviously Belle felt that she had done something she shouldn’t have…she had done drugs. I know it’s just a vitamin but it’s a “pill” to young people!

It’s just a “pill”…it’s just “pot”…it’s just “cocaine”…it’s just “crack”….it’s just “heroin”…and before you know it you're looking into drug rehabs. I know that sounds a little over the top but I think having a relaxed attitude about drugs and alcohol…especially alcohol….is such a detrimental thing to our children.

I will be discussing this incident with Belle….I don’t want her to get the idea it is ok to take any kind of “pill” without me knowing about it……
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