Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Plea for The Police

Are you one of the lucky ones who has been to see The Police on their Reunion Tour? According to Ticketmaster, The Police Reunion Tour was the top selling event in the first half of 2007. That’s not really surprising is it?? Unfortunately, the tour is not coming anywhere near us and that’s a complete bummer.

So, since I can’t go to the concert, don’t you think someone should buy me a copy of The Police compilation cd? I mean really, I need a copy because I sound so much better when I’m singing “Roxanne” with the group than by myself…for some reason, I just don’t sound as good. So, I’m going to beg my husband for the cd:

My Dearest Pete,

Will you buy me the new Police CD? I will clean the house the entire time the cd is playing…well…I’ll clean through half the cd. And you know that cool vintage Police poster I told you about? Well, what if I make a promise not to hang it on our bedroom wall? What do you think..huh…well….will you get me the cd??? Puuuuh-leeeez, I’ll wait patiently…well sorta patiently…for your answer! Don’t let the continuous playing of this cool 30 second tv spot from the UK featuring The Police surprise you…I just thought it would be a nice reminder for you…kinda like a string around your finger!

Your Loving Wife,


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Holly said...

Hey Jenny,
Just thought I would tell you my DH got to see the Police in Nashville about 3 weeks ago...I am SOOOOO jealous. We need to get together soon! ~Holly