Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Furniture...I Want Some!

Ok friends….when I get rid of this death stench in my home, I think it will be time for some new furniture! I mean really, you know that the stench has already permeated my furniture I have now…right?? And I will have to throw out that furniture…right?? Lol!

Well, this morning I have heard about an online furniture store that advertises great quality furniture and FREE shipping! The site is very easy to navigate and I have noticed that the actual prices of the furniture is quite a bit less than the suggested retail price. Now, that’s discounted furniture with FREE shipping…I like that a lot!

Ok…back to my den. I want a sectional sofa for this room. It’s going to be hard for me to decide because there are 46…yes 46…different styles to choose from! Leather…that’s what I want! But wait….the Olive green sectional would be nice too. Nope…not going to go with the olive green sectional…I want one with a chaise lounge as part of the sectional.

I can see me lounging there with a good book now! I like that I can really zoom in and see the details of these sofas…that’s a nice feature. My bet is that Pete will want this Recliner Sofa instead!

So, I’ve picked out my sectional sofa for the den and now I want some office furniture. I just can’t keep my crappy computer armoire now. It’s falling apart and looks shabby and not in a good stylish way! I love this black office furniture but really, it won't look right in my home. But ohhhh, how I love it!

I need a nice armoire like this one. I love all the drawers and the fact that this armoire has doors…because mine has no doors at the moment!

I am really excited about finding this online furniture store and I’m pleased that they offer free shipping and a no-hassle return policy. I mean really, how convenient is that? I just hate to go around to a gazillion different stores looking and doing all the price comparisons. Now, I can do this all online! Neat!

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