Monday, July 2, 2007

Disney Trip

As the first session of summer school is almost over, Pete has again started talking about going to Disney World in Orlando. If we don’t get this man to Disney soon, I’m not sure what is going to happen! First he was denied the iPhone and if he is denied Disney it just may break his heart…doesn’t that kind of sound like Achy, Breaky Heart? Remember that song! Lol!! Anyway folks…all I’m trying to say is that it will not be pretty!

He has been checking prices at several places offering Walt Disney World Ticket's. There is a plan in place…we will go here one day, there another day, back here and then over there and we’ll eat here and there and……I mean really, he should have been a travel agent!

Well, at, Pete can get all the information he needs about buying attraction tickets in Orlando. This site will help him with one of the most intimidating parts of planning a trip to Orlando and that is figuring out which type of ticket to buy. Along with attraction tickets, Pete will be able to get discounted tickets for several of the dinner shows….what do ya say Pete…Medieval Times or the Pirates Dinner Adventure?? I’m voting for the Pirate Dinner Adventure!

So, Pete, if you read this at work, go check out and plan our vacation….we all know you really don’t do anything in telemetry! Lol!

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