Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Big Big House...

A couple of days ago, Pete and I were discussing that we would like to have a bigger home. We would like to adopt medically fragile babies and my parents are getting older so really, it would be nice to have the extra room to bring these people in so we could care for them. I would love for my parents to have an apartment on our property that way they could still be independent but we would be around if they needed us…that would be nice.

All that sounds really exciting to me except the part where we have to find a realtor. We had the hardest time finding one last time we were looking for a house to buy. For awhile we had a man named Eck and all he wanted to show ”Little Mama” (that would be me because we had a newborn) was the kitchen and laundry rooms! Lol!! I mean really, this guy drove me crazy so much so that we had to find someone else to help us buy our house. “Little Mama”…sheesh….

But find a house we did…and I love it! It just needs to be a bit bigger…..

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Stacey said...

That's funny--little mama, so I'm guessing you won't be using Eck again???