Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No Boys Allowed!

We all know men and women are different…why shouldn’t their drug rehab programs be different also?

That’s exactly what Orchid Recovery Center has done…created a drug rehab program specifically designed for women. At this center, great attention is given to the entire person not just the individual behaviors. The focus is on mind, body and spirit…the whole person is given treatment which is wonderful. We all heal differently so Orchid Recovery Center will work with each individual to plan out a program that will be beneficial for that one person. There are quite a few different therapies that can be used in these tailor-made programs. What I like about this recovery center is that they include the use of the yoga center and art studio in every treatment program. I think art is a wonderful way to express yourself so I can see how this would be a real benefit!

Healing from a drug addiction is hard work. It sounds like to me that Orchid Recovery Center is a wonderful place for women to heal and look forward to a wonderful future…drug-free!

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