Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Loan to Fix our Gables...

Remember our wonderful gables we got last Fall? Did I ever tell you that our contractor left them unfinished…and took our money…and has yet to return? Well, that’s where we are folks! the front of our house was going to look so nice and now it just looks like a huge, unfinished mess and we are so disappointed.

Pete and I have been thinking about how we can pay someone else to fix the mess that was left. Like many of you, we’ve kicked around the idea of getting a personal loan to fund the repairs. We also have considered trying to make the repairs ourselves. Those of you who know us well, know that diy projects are not our forte! So, I guess we're back to looking for a loan!!

So how do we go about looking for a loan? There are several ways to do this…LoanWize is one of those ways! At LoanWize, they will search over 250 ---plans in order to offer you the best loans.

There are several good articles on their site that I found interesting. One is about how to find online loans and another one was about mortgages. There is also an article about how we should be wary of mortgage offers that look too good to be true. Information like that is always helpful! Quite a few other articles are available for further loan information.

As always, we all need to be responsible when we are attaining loans or using credit!

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