Tuesday, May 29, 2007

HogZilla Sausage All Gone!

And I was going to buy several hundred links....what a bummer! lol!

Is this for real?? Is it photoshopped?? I need to know 'cause if there are hogs this honkin' huge running around down there in Alabama....I ain't going' there!! Sheesh....go check out the video over at Cnn..Fox...which ever news you choose. I'm sure HogZilla can be seen on all of them!!

By the way, just so ya'll know, I would never but several hundred sausage links...ever. I don't even buy sausage links....GROSS!!! Have you seen sausage being made and then squirted into all those intestines....ack! No thanks!!
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Opal: Vegan Momma said...

Yes I've seen them made I helped my mother make them when I was a child. My parents raised a pig when I was growing up one day the pig was gone the next day we were making sausage.

annie said...

ack! for sure!